2019 Tag Cyber Handbook for Cybersecurity Professionals

TAG Cyber’s 2019 Industry Analysis and Top 50 Distinguished Vendors

The 2019 TAG Cyber Handbook for Cybersecurity Professionals is a collection of industry analysis and perspectives from the world’s leading executives of cybersecurity technology companies.

As cybercrime was reported to cost the world between $445 billion and $608 billion last year, Synack has been recognized among 50 distinguished vendors, because of its crowdsourced security platform that helps businesses find vulnerabilities, understand how resistant they are to a cyber attack, and effectively mitigate their cyber risk.

“Synack’s aim is to provide customers a scalable, continuous, hacker-powered intelligence platform that uncovers security vulnerabilities that more often than not remain undetected by traditional penetration testing. They are enabling the largest global organizations to fix their holes and protect themselves,” -Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber.

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