2019 Trust Report in Practice Trust at Scale

Scale: A CISO’s Imperative

With the quickening pace of cyber incidents, software delivery, and security alerts - and with limited resources - CISOs’ 2020 imperative is scale.

The latest addition to the Trust Report series, 2019 Trust in Practice: Trust at Scale, shares new data on how the most secure organizations are using a combination of human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to build trust and scale their security testing more effectively and efficiently. This report explores how you as a security leader can:

  • Scale and optimize your security practices to make them 40% more efficient
  • Free up critical researcher time and allow them to cover an attack surface 20x more efficiently
  • Reduce human evaluation time up to 73% by augmenting your team with AI
  • Increase the ROI on your security testing 4x by utilizing artificial intelligence to augment human intelligence

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Trust at Scale: 2019 Trust Report in Practice

About Synack

Co-founders Jay Kaplan and Mark Kuhr launched their careers with the US Government at the DoD and NSA as technical cybersecurity experts who protected the country from cyber attacks. After a few years at the NSA, the two decided to pursue a new idea that would revolutionize cybersecurity and how technical experts worked in the modern economy. Synack crowdsourced security was born.

Synack protects some of the largest organizations in the world by effectively and efficiently reducing their true security risk and increasing their resistance to cyber attack. This is Security Without Compromise. With headquarters in Redwood City, California, Synack is a global organization with regional presence in cities around the US and EMEA. Our Synack Red team researchers represent over 88 countries around the world.

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