Tuesday, July 11th 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST

Ship Faster & More Securely with Hacker-Powered SDLC

Live Webinar. Tuesday, July 11th 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST

Presenter: Mark Kuhr, CTO of Synack
Featured Speaker: Amy DeMartine, Principal Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals at Forrester

Amazon deploys new software to production every 11.6 seconds with over 23,000 deployments each day! They continuously perform threat modeling, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing across their entire application landscape. The result? Scale and near-perfect efficiency, as only 0.001% of their deployments cause problems. Most development professionals understand that it’s 6 times more expensive to remediate a vulnerability already in production than it is to fix it earlier in development. Effective teams are employing penetration testing within their SDLC. However, the type of testing matters; traditional security testing measures are failing companies. When testing only encompasses known threat signatures, critical assets are left susceptible to unknown vulnerabilities which could lead to service disruption.

In this webinar, guest speaker, Amy DeMartine, Principal Analyst for Security and Risk Professionals at Forrester, will discuss how the speed of release cycles are leaving critical business applications susceptible to service disruption.

Mark Kuhr, CTO of Synack, will then demonstrate how Synack’s hacker-powered security testing fits efficiently into SDLC, effectively helping development teams minimize downtime. 

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Synack’s innovative, crowdsourced penetration testing solution utilizes highly-vetted ethical hackers from around the globe to enable Dev and QA teams to stay ahead of the pace of release cycles.

The Synack SDLC solution continuously tests interim product releases and pre-production applications to help development organizations proactively detect and address vulnerabilities at every step within their software development process and ongoing release schedule. The continuous adversarial intelligence provided by Synack allows security teams to incorporate strong security measures throughout the build, deployment, and launch phases.