Considering a Bug Bounty Program? Go Beyond.

Are you a CISO or security decision-maker with bug bounty on your mind?

We wrote a comprehensive guide just for you that outlines the differences between programs that incentivize crowdsourced researchers with bounties to find unknown vulnerabilities.

The complete guide covers:

  • Why crowdsourcing hackers and bug bounty is trending
  • Where crowdsourced security programs differ
  • How to decide what crowdsourced program best fits your organization
  • Where the future of crowdsourced security is heading

From Responsible Disclosure and Open Bug Bounty, Invite-Only Bug Bounty, to Managed Crowdsourced Vulnerability Discovery, and Managed Crowdsourced Penetration Testing --- solutions vary considerably across the Crowdsourced Security Testing Landscape. Choose what’s best for you.

Download the Complete Guide to Crowdsourced Security Testing: