Achieve Compliance Goals with

Synack’s New Crowdsourced Penetration Testing

Live Webinar. Monday, April 9th 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

Speaker: Ricky Arora, VP Product Management

Since 2013, Synack has used its unique combination of man and machine to find thousands of security vulnerabilities for its clients.

Now, the same Synack technology and hackers unite your proactive and compliance-based security testing in one place: Synack Crowdsourced Penetration Testing.

Users can expect:

  • Security tests sufficient to check the boxes on PCI or OWASP-based external penetration testing
  • Fast testing—powered by the diverse Synack Red Team—that meets your timelines rather than you meeting your pen testers’ availability
  • Documentation of security checks that did not find security vulnerabilities
  • Valid security vulnerability reports that are new to your organization, both to fix once and harden against forever.

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